Drank The Gold

Drank The Gold

Oona Grady: fiddle & viola
James Gascoyne: vocals, guitar, fiddle sticks, micro korg


Thanks to all of our musical friends and teachers, near and far! We can't name you all, but a couple who taught us the tunes/songs we play on this recording: Ed McGowan (McCloud's), Connie O'Connell (Fair Little Cannavans/Gan Ainm/James Byrne's), Marie De Mott Grady (Micho Russell's Mason's Apron), Nora De Mott Grady (Are You Joanie Madden?), Lizzy Doe (Lucy Farr's/Paddy Fahey's), Armand Aromin (Tyrone March), Monks of the Screw Trio (Goblachan Polka), Ben Davis (Streets of Derry/Lagan Love), Bruce Molsky (Wreck of the Dandenong).
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